Guideline for International applicants

We welcome and accept international students who are eager to learn photographic art.All classes are taught in Japanese.

Department for International applicants

Department Enrollment limit Enrollment period Class days and hours
Photographic Art Primary 30 3 year Monday to Friday 9:00~16:10
Photographic Art Primary Basic 15 2 year Monday to Friday 9:00~16:10

※Enrollment month:April

How to evaluate international applicants

  • General admission: Application forms and Interview
  • Special school recommendation: Application forms.

※Details on Special school recommendation, click here.

Eligibility for International applicants

  • For those who satisfy at least one of the following conditions.
    1. For those who possess Educational Diploma of 12 year in Foreign Country
    2. For those who are determined to be equivalent of above qualification by Minister of Education and Science
    3. For those who are 18 years old or above and receive an international baccalaureate degree issued by International Baccalaureate Institution that is determined by Swiss Burgerliches Gesetzbuch
    4. For those who are determined to be equivalent of high school graduate by us
  • For those who have certificate of Japanese ability exam Level N2 or above issued by Japan Student Services Organization or those who are determined to be equivalent of these ability
  • For those who possess or are eligible to obtain the residence visa status for “student” by Immigration Bureau of Japan
Application process for International applicants

Please obtain all the necessary documents and mail them all to us by each application deadline.

※If you apply from outside of Japan, please contact us E-Mail


Required documents and application fees

  • Application form and examination admission card which is attached in school application brochure page 8
  • Special School Recommendation Letter (only for those who qualify this status. )
      This letter is issued for those who are determined to qualify school criteria by school principle at the school or regional orientation interview
  • Essay (For General applicants)
    Please choose one topic for your essay from below.
    Up to 1600 Japanese characters. Write with pen. (Pencil is not allowed)
    1. What you like and dislike about digital and analog photography
    2. Your commemorative photograph that recaptures your mind
    3. Internet and Photography
  • Foreign applicants’ questionnaire (attached in school brochure)
  • One of the following certificate
    1. High School Diploma Certificate and its transcript
    2. International Baccalaureate Diploma and its itemized Transcript
    3. Certificate of Conformance for High school equivalency exam and its itemized Transcript


  • If 1.2.3 documents are written in foreign language, please attach translation in Japanese. The translation must be notarized by Embassy of Japan or its equivalent organization or Japanese language school which you graduated from.
  • If you submit copies of Transcript and Diploma, you are asked to bring the original documents with you and we will verify them. If you can’t bring them, you need to issue “certificate of The Original” instead.
  • Certificate and Transcript of Japan Language Proficiency Test level N2 or above.
    If you haven’t taken Japanese Language Proficiency Test Level N2 or above yet, submit Certificate and Transcript of Japanese Language Intermediate Course at Authorized Japanese Language schools and “Japanese ability certificate” attached in school brochure.
  • 2 photos (front and upper body 3cm wide x4cm high, taken within 3 month)
    Attach them on both application form and Foreign applicants’ questionnaire Form.
  • Examination fee:
    15,000JPY (If you wire the money, remit it to Japan Post Bank Account)

Special School recommendation

A Special school recommendation letter will be issued for those who satisfy admission criteria by the school Principal or instructors after the interview session at TCP or Regional Orientation Meeting. This letter is equivalent to those issued by applicants’ high schools. If you acquire either special school recommendation letter or recommendation letter from your high school, we acknowledge your application as “admission on recommendation”. With this status, you are required to submit application forms only and waive the interview and essay.

*All applicants are eligible for special school recommendation.

> For dates and reservation on School Orientation and regional meeting, click here (Japanese).
> How Special School Recommendation works

Please make a reservation for your interview at school or regional at least 2 weeks prior to the desired date. Contact us by mail attached in application guidebook or telephone or email.

  1. Obtain school brochure
    Contact us by mail or telephone or email.
  2. Make a reservation for your interview
    At least 2 weeks prior to the desired date.
  3. Interview
    With School Principle or instructors
  4. Issuance of Special school recommendatoin letter
    For those who is eligible
  5. Submittal of application forms with special recommendation letter and other required forms.
    You obtain the status “Admission on Recommendation” Interview and essay are waived.
  6. Announcement of application results
    This notice will be sent to you by express mail.
  7. Enrollment
    Please follow the enrollment guidebook and pay the required fees within the date indicated.

Submission of School Registration Card and approved Alien Registration Certificate

Upon enrollment, you need to submit School Registration Card which indicates your guardian (parents), tuition payer, emergency contact in Japan as well as approved Alien registration Certificate which is issued by the local administrative institution. If you haven’t received it yet, submit it upon its issuance.

Letter of acceptance

If you need letter of acceptance to apply for the visa, ask us to issue it. We will issue it when you complete enrollment procedure.

Contact us

For more information, please contact us.


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